Welcome to King's Bar & Grill
14460 240th St. E., Miesville, MN 55033
(Located in the scenic countryside
between Hastings & Red Wing)
Reviews... what's the good word?!
Tues-Thurs: 11am-10pm,
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 11am-10pm

Whether it's north, south, east or west of us - 
THANK YOU for all the support & votes for our burgers! 
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King's Place is *unbelievably* good.  I will gladly make the 50 minute drive from Rochester on a daily basis to continue to eat at this incredible place. Bravo. 10/10. Would eat again.  -Jimmy Lee

I have never had bad food or service at this restaurant. They have so many burger choices, which are all amazing, and I absolutely love their waffle fries. Great prices, great service, great food!   -Chelsea I.

Great choice in burger selection. Pair a burger with the seasoned waffle fries and use the french onion dip and you'll see why they are in business.  - Andy H.

Hard not to enjoy the great burgers here. Reasonably priced. A fun bar in this fun little town. Pretty good amateur league baseball up the road too.   - Jim K.

Best burgers I've had. Well worth the trip or a detour on your way somewhere else. The Bat Boy is still my favorite but there's not a bad choice on the menu.  - Heather U.

Awesome burgers and seems like an endless amount of choices. Would go back anytime.  - Paul K.

In my opinion Kings Place is the best burger joint I've ever been to. I realize this is a loaded statement, but hear me out:
-Burgers are $3-5 (!) with the option of adding a 2nd hamburger patty if you feel so inclined
-There are a bunch of sides to choose from to accompany your burger. My absolute favorite were the cheddar and broccoli fried curds--with each bite a feeling of wonderment washed over me, I questioned why I've never had cheddar-broccoli bites before .
-Everything on the menu from the food to the beers are all affordably priced. So much so that for the first time ever after splitting the tab for a bajillion appetizers, burgers, and drinks for 6 people, we were over our total by $40 bucks. In the twin cities, for the same amount of food and of similar quality we would have paid MUCH more.   - Kelly S.